Five St. Patrick's Day Traditions You Didn't Know Existed!

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Happy St. Patrick's Day! Today is the day where we celebrate the luck of the Irish by wearing the only green shirt in our closet while divulging in our favorite adult beverages! That sums it up, right!? Wrong! St. Patrick's Day is more than hitting the bar in what might your least favorite color, it's certainly more than finding that little miniature Leprechaun ... has anyone found him yet!? If so let me know! However there are some St Patrick's Day traditions rooted in the Irish culture that you may not know about! Let's get into them!

  1. You probably heard of eating corn beef and cabbage but have you heard of snaking on soda bread!? Not just any soda bread either, you have to make sure the top is scored because the Irish believed it was a way to "let the devil out".
  2. Have you found that Leprechaun yet!? If you didn't know, those little men are actually based on the "Celtic Fairies," which are extremely hard to find! Unless you're in New London, Connecticut where "Celtic fairies" roam the city changing all the signs to "New Dublin".
  3. You're wearing the wrong color! Surprisingly, the traditional color is actually blue! Saint Patrick's robes were actually blue, not green but some believe a famine in Ireland in the 1840s is to blame for the mix up!
  4. Traditionally you wouldn't be allowed to drink! Whatttt!? Apparently March 17th was historically a day of solemn religious commitments! However in 1961 the law changed so that bars would be open during Lent! Thankful for that!
  5. You know that saying, 'Kiss me, I'm Irish' ... well that's kind of a real thing! Based of the legend of Blarney Stone which has been around for centuries! It was believed if you could place your lips upon it you would be blessed with the gift of persuasion and eloquence.

Of course there's more St. Patrick's traditions that you don't know about! Click here to read more about these traditions and where they come from! Another way that you can celebrate St. Patrick's Day is with The Jubal Show by hitting the river dance and listening below!

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