iHeartMedia Greensboro Prize Winner Information


Congratulations on winning your prize! Our promotions/marketing department will follow up with you once your prize is available. Please understand, if your event is more than a week out, please be patient as our ticket partners typically send tickets within a week or so of the show.

No matter the value of the prize you won, you are required to fill out a winner release form and W-9 form (unless we have it on file already). The paperwork will be emailed to the email address on file within 3-5 business days of winning. Be sure to check your spam/junk folder. We have to report prize winnings totaling $600 or more to the IRS as they are considered a form of income. This process must be done online (or via phone) before your prize will be emailed, mailed or before you can make an appointment to pick it up. If you are not comfortable providing this information you can forfeit the prize.

Prize pickup is currently available by appointment only (for larger/high value items). Smaller items will be mailed to you. A majority of concert/event tickets will be digital tickets. Read below for details on how to claim your digital tickets.

iHeartMedia Contest Eligibility:

National Contest: Once you win a national prize, you can only win once every 15 days TOTAL. You can only win ONE trip to a specific event TOTAL
Local Contests: Once you win a prize, you can only win once every 7 days PER STATION. You cannot win more than 3 times in 30 days PER STATION.

Digital Tickets

Please find details about how to "accept tickets" into your Ticketmaster account. (see examples below)

  • First you must sign proper paperwork sent to you via email. Be sure to check your spam/junk folders. The sender may be from the following email accounts: wmksfm@prizecloset.com, wvbzfm@prizecloset.com, wtqrfm@prizecloset.com, wmagfm@prizecloset.com or wptifm@prizecloset.com.
  • After you do this the promotions team will transfer the tickets to your email within 1-3 business days (if they are available). You must click on "accept tickets" and create a Ticketmaster account if you don't already have one.
  • The tickets will then go into your account.
  • The day of your event you must use your mobile phone with the tickets from your Ticketmaster account or from your wallet. Screenshots of tickets will not get you into the show.

Should you have questions or concerns please call or text (336) 549-1839 (responses could be limited to business hours 9a-5p Monday through Friday)


When requesting your prize to be mailed to you, please do so with the understanding that:

  • Should your prize get lost/delayed in the mail, we cannot send replacements or substitutions.
  • You will still need to fill out the appropriate paperwork (including a W-9 form) before your prize is mailed.
  • You will need to send us an empty, self-addressed and stamped envelope to: 

Attention: (the station that you won with)

2-B PAI Park

Greensboro, NC 27409

BEFORE MAILING your self addressed envelope, please call (or email) us to confirm that your prize can be mailed (see contact information below).


Covid protocols are determined by the venue, artist or state and local governments. For up to date information, be sure to check the venue or or specific event page.

Some useful links:
Live Nation/Ticketmaster
Steven Tanger Center for the Performing Arts
Greensboro Coliseum
LJVM Coliseum


Should you have questions or concerns please call/text (336) 549-1839 (responses could be limited to business hours 9a-5p Monday through Friday) or contact the following:

Sarah Quinn- Promotions/Marketing Director - Hits 100.3 FM (WMKS), 94.5 WPTI, Mix 99.5 (WMAG), Q104.1 WTQR and Real Rock 105.7 (WVBZ) at sarahquinn@iheartmedia.com.

Hannah - Promotions Assistant - hannahwyatt@iheartmedia.com

Adam Davis -Digital Coordinator - by email at adamdavis@iheartmedia.com

Updated: August 2022

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