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The Perfect Ren Faire Fit, Spooky Heels, and Biannual Make-Up Sale!

The Fit

Fall is the season for frolicking at your local Ren Faire! This year, I am going to the North Carolina Renaissance Festival down near Charlotte. I spent months building my costume. But now that I have gone through it, I could do it again in less than a week. I wish someone would have told me what I know now, so I am passing this information on to you. Decide what you want to go as first. Are you a fairy, knight, peasant, queen, princess, wench, or something not even listed? Get an idea of what you would like to dress up as all day. As you start to build your look, remember to plan on what you think the weather will be like that day, and incorporate layering into whatever costume you decide so you won't freeze your fairy tushy off, or sweat like a knight in full armor!

The best places to buy pieces if you have time are off of Etsy, Shein, and a plethora of small businesses that will pop up if you just search "renaissance faire" on Google. But! If you need it quick and want the best bang for your buck, go to Amazon. I got almost my entire outfit from there. My corset, tights, wings, and my face tattoos are all from there. I got my shoes from Poshmark, and my skirt and necklaces from Shein. Just search for "fairy grunge" and a ton of cool products will pop up.

The biggest help with finding what colors and choices for my accessories and overall look for my character, was finding one aspect of my costume I absolutely needed and loved, and designing everything around that. For me, it was my corset. I found a corset I loved, and then picked pieces that best accented that piece.

The Find

These fun, unique heels are perfect not only for Halloween but any outfit you would normally wear black pumps with! These black sparkly heels feature a spider web on the front that crawls up to your ankle! The heel is just short enough to be worn all day. Check them out here!

The Deal

Tarte is having their biannual sale where you can purchase seven full-sized products for only $65 PLUS free shipping! I have super oily skin, and Tarte's products are great. They've caused me a break-out and last all day. But hurry! This offer ends soon, and they usually run out of their more popular items.

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