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Sarah Quinn

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Peacock Prints! Fancy Feathers! Plumage Inspired Palette!

The Fit

Look at that dress! Just LOOK at it! This purple peacock print is by Retrolicious, but I bought it from one of my favorite stores, Modern Millie! They are a cute little store run out of Salem, MA that ships country-wide. This dress is perfect for ALL body types. It has stretch, a rich color, pockets, and such a fun eclectic print. If you scroll down a bit I will include a close up look of this print. The blouse is also from Modern Millie and surprisingly works really well even though both pieces have such a busy print. I picked yellow for my accent color, hence the yellow belt. What you can't see is I paired this with matching yellow shoes and purple tights.

If you are looking for size comparisons, I bought a small in both, and my measurements are 36/28/38.



The Find

Birds must be on my mind because right after finding this dress, I found this peacock Betsey Johnson necklace on Mercari. I've found and ordered lots of cool stuff from both Mercari and Poshmark. So if you have ever hesitated from ordering from these sites, just know they are legit and I have had some great experiences. Maybe you'll be the one to nab this necklace before I do.

The Steal

I always try to find the best deals when it comes to makeup. Our grown-up face paint can get expensive real quick, but one brand that has never let me down is Revolution. Wanting to keep with the bird theme, I was looking for some sort of cool palette that was of quality, and had beautiful colors, but wouldn't break the bank. That's where Revolution's Forever Flawless Palette, the Birds of Paradise edition, comes in! Look at those colors and the adorable packaging it comes in!

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