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Gordon Ramsay Chews Out Daughter's Boyfriend

2019 Summer TCA Press Tour - Day 1

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Have you ever wanted to tell off someone's significant other because they aren't treating them right?

Then you will LOVE what Gordon Ramsay shared about what he did to his daughter's on-again-off-again boyfriend.

He was a guest on The Kelly Clarkson Show where he discussed a phone call he made to his daughter Megan’s boyfriend, who she recently just got back together with. 

He convinced his daughter to give him her boyfriend's number for "emergency purposes." Instead, he went full dad mode!

Ramsay called her boyfriend immediately and gave him one of his classic insults:

"I said, 'Byron, it's me! Not your future father-in-law, you little f***!' Ramsay says, “Megan leaned over and pushed and cut me off, which was so rude! I was just in the middle of having a proper chat."

If I was the boyfriend, I am not sure if I would be scared or brag that I got Gordon Ramsay to yell at me!

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