Kanye West Went Full-On Silver Surfer For His 'Mary' Opera Performance

Only Kanye.

To deliver the story of the birth of Jesus, Mr. West went full-on Silver Surfer (Fantastic 4 reference) painting his entire body silver for his second opera, Mary. (See photos of him in costume HERE, HERE, and HERE)

Presented on a floating barge in Miami's Biscayne Bay on the final day of Art Basel, Ye and his more than 100 similarly-painted choir members read scriptures of Jesus' birth and performed both holiday classics, gospel favorites, and a few of Ye's previous bangers.

Like his first-ever opera, Nebuchadnezzar, which he presented in Los Angeles last month, Mary started late. However, instead of being delayed by more than two hours, Ye's Sunday (December 8) show got started just one hour after its original 3 p.m. start time. #Progress

And similarly to his first opera, Ye surfaced at the end of the show to take his bow—in his silver paint costume, of course — but just as quick as he appeared he disappeared on an awaiting speedboat 45 minutes after the opera began.

On Thursday (December 5), the Jesus is King rapper announced that he was presenting Mary. "A Kanye West Opera — Mary — Directed by Vanessa Beecroft," Ye wrote on twitter along with the Bible verse Luke 1:30-31: "And the angel said unto her, 'Fear not, Mary: For though hast found favour with God. And, behold, thou shalt conceive in they womb, and bring forth a son, and shalt call his name Jesus.'"

Despite the quick turnaround, Kanye reportedly filled the Miami Marine Stadium's seats, with Chance The Rapper even being a part of the crowd that viewed the opera.

Photo: Getty Images