Texas A&M REALLY Doesn't Want You To See This Video

Appalachian State v Texas A&M

Photo: Getty Images

Before Saturday's game against Appalachian State, Texas A&M students took part in a traditional pep-rally they dub the "Midnight yell," in which students and fans meet at the football stadium the night before the game to get hyped up for the next day's matchup, and of course talk a little trash.

What #6 ranked Texas A&M (at the time) expected was a fairly easy win against the "hillbillies" of App State. What they didn't count on were the Mountaineers of Boone, NC not only holding them strong, but also coming away with a 17-14 win. It was App State's first win against a top 10 ranked opponent since their historic victory in Michigan in 2007.

After the win, the country the internet went wild with memes, comments, and most notably, a surfaced recording of Friday night's Midnight Yell before the game. The video below (from Barstool Marshall), went viral via a number of different accounts and was quickly met with tons of responses from Mountaineer and Aggie fans alike.

Not long after the recording went viral, many noticed it was being taken down for copyright violations by none other than Texas A&M. They clearly weren't happy with their incorrect predictions and trash talk before the game being shared after such an upset, and did their absolute best to scrub all remnants of the rally from the web.

As a proud alumni of Appalachian State, I take no issue with with the words that were said or assumptions that were made in the video. Trash talk is trash talk, and there's no doubt that it makes for some intense and passionate rivalries. That being said, you have to own up to your mistakes, and I find the attempt at removing the video for anyone else to view after the loss a bit cowardly. But it also makes me even prouder to be a Mountaineer.

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