Trick Will Ensure Your Luggage Is The First To Come Off The Plane

The most annoying part of checking your bag before a flight is having to wait for it to come out at your destination, but it turns out there are a couple of ways to get your luggage before anyone else.

The best trick to having your suitcase come out first is to ask the staff to slap a "fragile" sticker on it when checking in. The bags with the sticker on them are typically loaded in last, and thus removed first, to keep them protected. However, baggage handlers don't always see the sticker so it isn't a guarantee. 

So how do you ensure you get your luggage first? Be the last to check in. That means your bags are the last to go on the aircraft and the first to come off. Of course, being the last to check in means you could actually miss your flight and then you will be waiting a really long time for your baggage. 

Safe travels!

Photo Credit: Getty