Furry Friends

Furry Friends

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Meet Cuddle Bug, Jessie! They Want to Be Your Netflix Buddy!

Meet Jessie! This little guy has so much love to give in his little furry heart. We heard he is quite the cuddler! Here's more about Jessie from Forsyth Humane Society's website:

From his foster family-

Jessie came to us quite shy and thin, but very sweet. He was being treated for a kitty cold and is now almost fully recovered.

Two things helped Jessie come out of his shell- a kitty pal and wet food.

He was tucked under the bed where we let him be. When we introduced him to his feline foster brother, he quickly took on the big brother role. We'd find the two cuddling in the cat tree or chasing each other and wrestling.

He still was very weary of us. When it is feeding time, he quickly hurries to the food bowl and digs in. It's at this time we very gently pet him. He's now associating petting with food, which is going really well.

Jessie is perfectly litter trained and loves his dry food and fancy feast. He makes great use of his cat tree by the window and will play with toys. He'd love a kitty friend but mostly I feel he'd be the best fit for a quiet household that will give him the patience to come out of his shell. He has never been hissy or tried to bite or scratch. He is a gentle soul and we know his new family will feel really lucky he's theirs.

To meet Jessie or learn more, click here!

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