North Carolina Eatery Named The 'Most Expensive' Restaurant In The State

Photo: BURCU ATALAY TANKUT/Moment/Getty Images

Everyone loves a good deal, especially when it comes to finding a memorable meal at a fraction of the price of a fine-dining establishment. However, every once in a while you may want to splurge on a deliciously decadent meal.

LoveFood searched around the country for some incredible restaurants where dining in may cost a pretty penny but it is well worth the price tag, basing its picks on "the priciest main course or tasting menu, and avoiding spots with just one very expensive dish."

According to the site, the most expensive restaurant in all of North Carolina is Del Frisco's Double Eagle Steakhouse, popular spot in Charlotte with quality meats, seafoods and sides sure to impress. Del Frisco's is located at 4725 Piedmont Row Drive, Suite 170.

Here's what the site had to say about North Carolina's most expensive restaurant:

"For once, the priciest steak on the menu isn't wagyu beef, although that will set you back $75 for 3 oz. At steakhouse chain Del Frisco's, it's the Prime Tomahawk that takes the crown as priciest main dish, costing $130. You can save a little cash by making it a meal for two with side dishes, an extra $20. Although steak dominates the menu here, other dishes include Double Bone Lamb Chops ($77), high-end seafood, and lump crab cakes for $55."

Check out the full list at to see more of the most expensive restaurants around the country.

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