Express Yourself, Gothic Glamour, Extra 20% Off Sale!

The Fit

I have never felt so confident and sexy in an outfit, let alone a jumpsuit! I got this jumpsuit from Express. It fits and feels like a dream! Super comfy and hides all the bits I want to hide. I only paid $50 for it too! Originally I wasn't going to spend the money, but I decided to go out of my comfort zone and try something new. I'm so glad I did! So here is your sign to either get this same jumpsuit or try something new for yourself!

The Find

Have you heard of the term "gothic glamour?" It's a style of fashion that takes elements of goth and turns it mainstream. Think lace tops, corsets, ribbon chokers. You get the idea. It's looking like this fall gothic glamour is going to be super popular (I think it should always be super popular, but I digress) and I found the PERFECT SHOP that has some super unique pieces! It's called Cottage Witch, and you should prepare to be spellbound!

The Steal

Dolls Kill is one of my favorite sites with some truly unique clothing. They are having a sale right now on lots of their shoes, with an additional 20% off! Check it out here.

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