Company Working On Synthetic Alcohol

Alcohol Mezcal Tequila Shots

Photo: bhofack2 / iStock / Getty Images

There's a company in London working on a synthetic alcohol. Oddity Central states, "London-based GABA Labs is working on a type of synthetic alcohol called 'Alcarelle' which reportedly provides the relaxing effects of alcohol without hangovers, balance deficiencies or any of its other negative side effects."

A spokesperson for GABA Labs explained what people trying it can expect. They said, "It feels like what a glass of wine feels like. It feels relaxing. It makes you a bit more chatty, a bit more socially engaged with people." They add, "We know where in the brain alcohol has its 'good' effects and 'bad' effects, and what particular receptors mediate that – Gaba, glutamate and other ones, such as serotonin and dopamine.

The effects of alcohol are complicated but … you can target the parts of the brain you want to target." They hope to launch the product by 2026. Is this a product you would try? Why or why not?

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