Wilson Phillips' First New Single In A Decade Is A Harry Styles Cover

Iconic nineties trio Wilson Phillips have just released their first single in 10 years, and it's a cover of a Harry Styles' song. According to Rolling Stone, Chynna Phillips, Carnie Wilson, and Wendy Wilson were in a hotel room last Spring when they watched Harry Styles perform the track on TV. They knew right away that they wanted to cover the single, and got to work.

The last single that Wilson Phillips released was a cover of The Beach Boys' "Good Vibrations," written by Carnie and Wendy Wilson's father, Brain Wilson. Wilson Philips described how the beautiful harmonies, in addition to the relevancy of the lyrics in "Boyfriends" spoke to them.

“We are all such big fans of Harry Styles and we are honored to cover such a well-written and recorded song like ‘Boyfriends,'” the band shared with Rolling Stone, “We have daughters and nieces, as well as many heartbreaks, loves, and boyfriends in our own history, so the lyrics and harmony spoke to us on many levels. We are so proud to share our version of his already beautiful song with the world today.”

Rolling Stone mentioned that despite their last album being released a decade ago, the band has continued touring throughout the years and celebrated the 30th anniversary of legendary hit, "Hold On," in 2020.

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