HITS 100.3 Hi-Lo Game

HITS 100.3 isHooking. You. Up. Win the hottest prizes for Fall with the HITS HI-Lo Game. It’s a new school year, so it’s time to put your math skills to work.

No worries, it’s easy math….you guess the value of all the prizes you’ll win down to the penny….and we’ll tell you if you’re too High, too low…..or if you’re a winner!

Play the HITS Hi-Lo Game 4 times a day at 12:20p, 2:20p, 3:20p and 5:20p and win prizes like Apple Air Pods, 43 inch Smart TV’s, Cash and more!! Join winners like Angela from Graham that guessed $328.50 to win our first set of prizes! 

To help you with your guesses, see what you can win in the HITS Hi-Lo Game below! Prizes provided by our friend Bazzi, Atlantic Records and your favorite new station, HITS 100.3!!

2nd prizes to guess:

Air Pod, HITS t-shirt, Smart Speaker Clock, Firestick 4k, Visa Gift Card, Smart TV

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