North Carolina Sisters Find Wrong Woman Inside Mother's Casket At Funeral

Photo: Getty Images

Mourning the loss of a beloved family member is one of the hardest situations you have to experience. When two sisters in North Carolina arrived at a funeral home to grieve their mother, however, they found the wrong woman lying in her casket.

Jennifer Taylor and Jennetta Archer's mother Mary Archer passed away last month, so when they arrived at Hunter's Funeral Home in Ahoskie on September 7, they were shocked to find an unknown woman inside the casket wearing their mother's clothes, per WAVY.

"There's no similarity in the person," said Archer. "Their size was way off. When the first person had the clothing on, she was swimming in the clothes because she was so small compared to my mother."

"We just couldn't understand how this could happen," Taylor added.

When confronted, the sisters said staff denied that a switch had been made until they went back into the embalming room and saw Mary. Staff brought out the correct woman and the funeral began, but Taylor and Archer are still confused about how something like this could happen.

"No one addressed it immediately," said Archer. "It would have been a different situation if they had just come upfront and addressed it immediately to show that yes, they did, they made an error."

The funeral home said it was an "honest mistake," per WAVY, and contacted the sisters to apologize to their family. Archer and Taylor, however, said they have not received any call or had their questions answered.

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