Your Song of the Summer....based on when you were born

Your Song of the Summer Based on Your Zodiac Sign

No summer would be complete without that anthem you blast on the way to the beach, while you’re getting ready for an outdoor concert, or with the windows down on a nighttime ice cream run. This summer has no shortage of bangers, so if you’re having trouble picking the ultimate summer jam, let the stars help!

Aries - Montero (Call Me By Your Name) by Lil Nas X

Aries, you kick off the zodiac with your bold, fiery nature, so we had to kick off this list with this one. You proudly speak your mind and don’t shy away from controversy. So any song that attracts thousands of angry tweets while reaching the top of the charts is right up your alley. Haters gonna hate!

Taurus - Leave the Door Open by Bruno Mars, Anderson .Paak, Silk Sonic

“I’m sipping wine in a robe; I look too good to be alone.” You fancy, Taurus. Those smooth vibes that ooze luxury and decadence are what your perfect summer is all about. Go slip into that silk robe we all know you own, put this song on, and maybe post a thirst trap or two. You deserve it.

Gemini - Bad Habits by Ed Sheeran

Face it -- none of us imagined we’d see Ed Sheeran dancing around in a hot pink suit with vampire teeth. But here we are! This Brit Pop king has shown us all he’s capable of churning out sweet acoustic love songs and dance-pop club bangers. That duality is exactly why he’s perfect for you, Gemini. So you’ve got some bad habits? You know we all still love you.

Cancer - Kiss Me More by Doja Cat, SZA

Aww, Cancer. You’ve got such a sweet romantic side; you’re practically the embodiment of the heart eyes emoji. Of course, asking for some extra smooches is totally your style, but the secret behind your sweetness is that dash of spice. Doja and SZA served up the perfect blend of sweet and spicy, just for you.

Leo - Best Friend by Saweetie, Doja Cat

Your reputation precedes you, Leo. Everyone knows you’re a real bad b****, but what they might miss is that you’re also the ultimate hype friend. You know you’re the shiz, and you make sure your whole squad knows they are too. You’ve never seen two pretty best friends? You must not know a Leo and her carefully selected bestie then.

Virgo - Stay by The Kid LAROI, Justin Bieber

Trust probably doesn’t come very easily to you, Virgo. You have high standards for yourself and, by extension, everyone else. As much as we love that for you, maybe this summer you’ll let someone be the reason you believe in love and -- shudder -- ask them to stay. Put this song on and manifest it.

Libra - Butter by BTS

Oh Libra, it’s impossible not to like you. That’s great news since you loooove being liked! Word on the street is you do have “that superstar glow.” Some might say you try too hard to be liked, but they’re probably just jealous of how well you can balance out any group. Stay smooth.

Scorpio - good 4 u by Olivia Rodrigo

I think Queen Olivia spoke for all Scorpios when she called her ex a sociopath in this certified bop. That scathing, sarcastic tone is what you’re all about. So what if it’s a defense mechanism? Nobody hurts a Scorpio and gets away with it. You just have a lot of feelings, but you’ll make damn sure the world knows that no matter how much someone hurts you, you’re not the loser in the situation. Good 4 u!

Sagittarius - Levitating by Dua Lipa

Tell the truth, Sag… how often do you use the word “vibes?” This groovy tune is undeniably vibey. You’re the life of the party, and all that energy is sure to get everyone around you levitating all summer long.

Capricorn - Save Your Tears by The Weeknd, Ariana Grande

Pretty sure “I don’t have time to cry about this” might be the official Capricorn motto. Summer is all about fun, after all! And probably at least two side hustles. Secure the bag, Capricorn. When you finally make it out after that double shift and inevitably run into your ex, this song will get you through it. You know, once you actually let those feelings hit you.

Aquarius - Leave Before You Love Me by Marshmello, Jonas Brothers

Oof, this isn’t an attack, Aquarius, promise. It’s just hard to deny that this song is basically the Aquarius anthem. It’s not that you don’t have feelings - quite the opposite - but your airy nature tends to make you pretty aloof. Feelings are scary sometimes! Turn this one on while you run from all your summer flings. It’ll all be alright.

Pisces - Peaches by Justin Bieber, Daniel Caesar, Giveon

This one just felt right for you, Pisces, and that’s probably because Justin is a Pisces himself! Your sensitive nature makes you sweeter than a peach. There’s also a wild, pleasure-seeking side to you, hence what you like to get from California (wink, wink.) A trip up north with someone you love sounds like an amazing summer getaway, doesn’t it?

You can hear all of these Song of the Summer contenders and more on HITS 100.3. So be sure to tune in and let us know your personal favorite!

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