Man Next To Kiss Cam Couple Does Something Disgusting

A few days ago, the Atlanta Hawks lost to the Cleveland Cavaliers 114-121, but the real story from the game was what happened when the Kiss Cam went on a couple of Hawks fans.

The man let his date know they were on the big screen and should lock lips but the woman had a big beer in her hand. Thankfully, her neighbor on the other side was kind enough to offer to hold it, however, he did something pretty gross once she handed him her drink and started kissing her man.  

He chugged her beer until the guy noticed what was happening. Disgusted, they got the drink back and tossed a few pieces of popcorn at their thirsty neighbor. 

Of course, like many of these Kiss Cam skits, it's almost definitely actors, but still fun to watch the reactions of everyone around them.