Burger King Created A Whopper-Flavored Toothpaste And The Internet Is Going Crazy

Source: Youtube

Between donut burgers, unicorn hot chocolate and deep fried butter nothing should really surprise us anymore, but THIS... whopper toothpaste?! Have we gone too far?! 

A commercial from Burger King has what looks like a scientist or dentist, speaks to the camera explaining that “the Whopper’s taste is so good, some people will do anything to keep it in their mouths". This toothpaste is supposed to keep your mouth "whopper fresh" with while still keeping your teeth clean and getting that whopper taste.

Being that April Fools is around the corner, I can only imagine this is a joke. But I'll be honest, when I first heard this commercial, I kind of believed it! In this day in age, really anything is possible. But lets keeps the burger flavors in burgers. 

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