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Quinn's Looks: Valentine's Day Outfit Inspiration!

Love is in the air as the Triad gets ready for the day to celebrate lovers. This is one of my favorite seasons for fashion because of all the fun prints and colors! Who doesn't look good in hearts? But what is the best look for you? Colorful versus classic. Sexy versus cute.

There are a ton of options to pick from, and I'm here to show you a few of my favorites. Today's look is going for a quirky, colorful effect that has features that pop and compliment any woman's figure.

Let's start with the heart-block sweater. That little number is from Collectif! Be warned, it fits like a crop top but if you love layering, this piece is really versatile. It's safe to size up when ordering this sweater. I'm normally a size small to medium. I ordered an 8 and it is a bit snug. I could've easily gone up to a 10.

Next is the red jumper. I love my jumpers. It's from ModCloth and comes in an array of colors. It's a staple piece in my wardrobe because it can go with almost anything, and compliments pretty much any body type. Doesn't matter if you are curvy or more narrow, this jumper dress has you covered. Also, the straps are adjustable.

Accessorizing is key to adding that extra icing to outfits. I could've gone all out and added an extra necklace and bracelets, but I opted to keep it simple. That necklace may look like pearls, but it's actually a long strand of howlite. Look to semi-precious gemstones for a cheaper and low-maintenance alternative to pearls, while still achieving a classic look. The black belt I added is the perfect contrast to pops of color and links my black tights to the rest of the overall outfit. It's also a smart trick you can do to accent your waist. Look at that photo! I look like my waist is a 2-4! I can assure you it's not.

Last but not least... the shoes.

If there is one thing I want you to get from my blog, it's to never overlook your shoes. While they may be at the base of your outfit, they are a blank canvas of opportunity just begging to make a statement.

These booties are by Royal Monk, and could I go on about them! They are comfortable, keep my feet warm, and the heels are chunky and not too high, giving me ample support.

Throughout February I am going to be featuring more V Day-themed looks, and tips on how to look like a dozen roses this year!

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