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Fashion Finds! Finding Your Fashion Voice, and Halloween Sales!

The Fit

Finding your own personal style can be a really daunting task. If you're struggling with your self-image and unsure what look or vibe fits you best, getting dressed in the morning can become a daily stressful task. I encourage you, the person reading this, to give yourself grace and space to experiment. After a lot of trial and error, I discovered I love dressing in colorful, vintage style clothing. The above picture is a perfect example of this style. The mustard yellow blazer perfectly matches my tights, shoes, and belt. Crazy prints I discovered are my thing too! So pairing the base yellow color with a dress that has a hint of that same yellow completed this outfit perfectly.

As you find your own style, there are no right or wrong answers. Don't be worried about what is "in style" right now. Pick things that YOU like on your body. Find the colors that make you feel good. Be patient with yourself too. It will take awhile to build an all new wardrobe of pieces that you can interchange that will work with each other. It's taken me five years to build mine, and it is still changing!

If you like how you look, don't worry about what others will think. Dress for yourself, and the confidence it will bring you is what others will pick up on.

Blazer, Dress: Modcloth

Tights: Amazon

Shoes: Chelsea Crew

The Find

I cannot get over this cape from Collectif. It's sexy, spunky and unique. Lined with a leopard print on the inside, it and black velvet on the outside, this will keep you warm while also looking fabulous!

The Deals

There are so many deals on Halloween inspired looks, I can't even keep track of them! Check out these stores for some really unique pieces before they sell out!

Modcloth has a sale on sale right now! A lot of their fall and Halloween inventory has already been moved to sale, so take advantage of this!

All Halloween is 40% off at Unique Vintage! These are the perfect pieces that have just enough personality to make you stand out, but are classy enough to be incorporated into your everyday work wardrobe.

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