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Last Minute St. Patty's Day! Rainbow Scarf with Pockets! Save on Skin Care!

The Fit:

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Are you ready to celebrate this weekend? Or could your outfit use a little more... green? Don't worry about doing same-day from Amazon! There are some stores that carry St. Patty's Day accessories that not many people of when it comes to buying necklaces, scarves, etc. Target and Walmart are pretty much picked over by this point. But I guarantee you will find something at these places. Make sure to swing by one of these on your lunch break to make sure you don't get pinched:

Hobby Lobby


CVS Pharmacy

Party City

pOp Shelf

The Find:

Whimsical finds are the BEST finds. I cannot stop looking at this rainbow scarf WITH POCKETS. Perfect for costumes, PRIDE fests, or that extra "fun" factor for an everyday look. Check it out here!

The Steal:

Skincare stuff is EXPENSIVE. It takes a lot of time, effort, and money to keep your skin looking good. Lucky for us, Clinique has a 30% off sale right now on pretty much all the heavy hitters to help keep you moisturized and wrinkle-free! Give your skin a treat here!

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