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Layers with Lengths! V Day Previews! Hair and Makeup Sales!

The Fit

Before you get rid of that old favorite blouse/vest/jacket/skirt, I want to challenge you to find three new outfits it could go with. Nothing is more tragic than when I learn someone got rid of a versatile piece because they thought it no longer looked good for their body type anymore. Over the years, I have had many favorite pieces stop fitting how I liked them to. But all that changed after I started wearing them differently than what I originally intended. Take my outfit above. All of those pieces were once on the proverbial "chopping block" in a bag to the thrift store. Until I changed how I used to style each piece. The skirt? Couldn't stand it anymore. Made my butt look too big. But I changed how I wear it. Instead of wearing it with strappy heels, nude tights, and a short crop top, I paired it with dark leggings, a longer vest/cardigan, and voila! It looks good on me again. Speaking of that vest! I had bought that piece to only go under my blazers for an extra layer to those looks. When I got rid of the blazers, I was going to get rid of the vest too, until I got creative. That blouse? shrunk in the wash so it's not as long as I liked it to be. So now I tuck it into high-rise skirts and pants.

The fun thing about fashion is it allows you to be creative. So get creative with your clothes, and create brand new things out of something old!

The Find

The first wave of Valentine's Day clothes are already here, and they are ADORABLE! I'm not sure which I like more: Christmas outfits or Valentine's outfits.

Here are a few of my favorites:

This adorable pinafore covered in red hearts could be paired with so many different options! The possibilities are endless.

This Valentines Day blouse is too cute. A navy blue background covered in pink hearts. I also may or may not already have this top and can confirm, it's so cute on.

A BOX OF CHOCOLATES PURSE. What!? Yes! A purse that looks like a box of chocolates. While the price tag is STEEP I can't help but dream about this bag.

The Steal

Oh oh oh! Continuing our theme last week of going into this new year with self-care: there is a huge sale on holiday make-up, hair products, and bundles happening at Lime Crime! Let's be honest, "holiday items" at their core are no different than regular beauty items. The only difference is more festive packaging. Some items are up to 85%!

Click here to stock up on fun beauty stuff.

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