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Holiday Gowns and Shoesies! Cool Last Minute Gift Ideas!

We are doing things a little bit differently for this week's fashion finds! I have found so many beautiful, whimsical pieces that I just HAVE to show you. So instead of me focusing on an outfit I put together, I want to share with you some amazing pieces we can swoon over together. Plus, we get a little out of the norm with some fun last-minute gift picks.

The Finds

I LOVE LOVE LOVE gowns! Beautiful pieces that you may not always have a place to wear them to, but you got them just incase. I found these beauties over at Unique Vintage, which also has a 30% off sale through the end of 12/16.

This Gold Satin Long Sleeve Gown looks like molten gold flowing off of you! Channel your inner greek goddess with this dress.

Turn heads at your fancy New Year's Eve party with this black and gold mermain gown. Has big time Great Gatsby vibes.

Look like a modern day Cinderella in this dress. This light blue chiffon piece will keep you out dancing past midnight.

Of course, allong with gowns, you need some fancy shoes. While these picks may not perfectly match the above dresses, they are too cute and festive not to share.

Now bring us some figgy pudding... and these kicks. Look at these adorable little pumps that are balancing on bowls of pudding for heels!

These plaid booties look like something straight out of a ski lodge magazine. Just picture it... cozying up to a fire, with an adorable cozy sweater, and wearing these bad boys.

This last pair is straight out of kitchsy heaven. Booties with winter blooms all over them. They look like a charming holiday art project and I need them in my closet.

The Steals

Hey, it doesn't have to be fashion all the time! Here are some of my top pick fun Amazon finds that would make perfect gifts for anyone!

Hygge game- Hygge is one of my new favorite words. It's a Danish word that describes a cozy mood or vibe. And this game is a perfect one to play amongst loved ones.

Retro Hot Dog and Bun Toaster - For the person that loves retro stuff, kitchen gadgets, or has anything... I give you the Hot Dog and Bun Toaster.

Gigantic Bread Pillow - Because who doesn't need a gigantic carb to cuddle with? Check out this massive bread pillow.

Color Changing Toilet Night Light - I know I know. It sounds weird. But think about it! When you get up in the middle of the night, trying to find your way to the bathroom, you don't have to worry! There will be a beacon of light emanating from your porcelain throne.

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