7 Tips For Staying Safe When Snow Hits the Triad

Shovelling snow off her driveway after a storm

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When you hear snow is coming, followed by how many inches your area is about to receive, it's normal to become concerned and panicked. Especially if you aren't used to dealing with snow and ice.

Talking with friends from warmer states, it surprised me how much they didn't do to prepare for ice storms.

I grew up around snow all my life, and there are some common sense things that are easy to execute, but will make your life so much easier!

  1. Stop buying milk and eggs. That's always the first thing people scramble to buy. But if your power goes out, you can't cook the eggs and your milk will go bad. Instead, buy water, dried good snacks (stay away from salty stuff), apples, bread, peanut butter, and canned vegetables. In the event of an emergency and the power goes out, you may not have running water. Having a backup for drinking and bathing is key. Dried good snacks, apples, bread, and canned goods do not need refrigeration or cooking to keep and be safe for consumption.
  2. Buy an ice-scraper. I was surprised to learn how many people do not have ice scrapers for their cars. Buy one, and have it in your car at all times.
  3. Buy salt or kitty litter. In the case you need traction to get your car out of snow or have very icy sidewalks, these items can help get you out of a pinch and make your life easier. Sand works too.
  4. Defrost car windows with hot water sandwich bags. What you do is heat water up in a microwave. DO NOT MAKE IT BOILING HOT. You then place the water inside a plastic sandwich bag and move it across the window. This helps melt the ice and make it easier to scrape off.
  5. Extra blankets, gloves, socks, coats, hoodies, etc. If the power goes out, so does your heat. Make sure you have plenty of clean blankets, socks, extra coats and hoodies. Store a couple of these items in your car as well.
  6. Portable chargers! Know that your power may go out? Buy portable chargers that have multiple types of ports. This will allow you to have a backup power source for your phone, laptops, etc.
  7. Candles and flashlights. If the power goes out, so do your lights. Candles and flashlights are a no-brainer when it comes to shedding light when the electricity is out. DO NOT LEAVE CANDLES BURNING IF YOU FEEL TIRED OR START TO FALL ASLEEP.

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