Olivia Jade is Back

Olivia Jade is back on YouTube.

She uploaded her first video since the college admissions scandal broke eight months ago.

If you think she's gonna spill tea on Aunt Becky, it's not happening. She legally can't say anything cause it's an ongoing investigation/trial.

It's a pretty non-eventful two minute video about how she's been wanting to come back, doesn't want to make it about how the scandal has affected her, blah blah. I was bored up until she said "Moral of the story is, I've missed you guys so much...".


This is why word choice is so damn important. "Moral of the story" is don't feel entitled enough to con your way into college. As for missing her viewers, my cynical ass thinks she obviously misses YouTube's AdSense dollars but go off. I'm sure she still has loyal fans.